Cryptic Cycles custom frameset

MSRP : USD 6,500.00

Price : USD 6,499.00


Allowing design, quality, crafsmanship and technology to be pushed to new limits
Cryptic Cycles design and create unique frames with an unlimited amount of customization. Every aspect of their frames can be controlled to provide each rider with something to fit their needs. Classic craftsmanship and hand built meet cutting edge technology and the best materials that money can buy. Cryptic Cycles have a zero compromise attitude and believe they offer one of the finest custom carbon bicycles available today.

Carbon fiber is one of the fundamentals to make a bicycle frame strong, light, safe and have fantastic performance. It creates massive rigidity but does not add weight. These qualities are crucial to create an efficient and fun frame to ride.

The most extreme materials are used not limited to carbon fiber. Boron fiber, innegra and kevlar are used throughout the build process. They are pre impregnated with a two part epoxy and require heat and compression to cure.

We construct tubes in house with the material, fiber orientation, wall thickness and tube diameter taylored to each rider. This allows us complete control over the weight, stiffness and ride qualities of the bike. Each customer gets a specific tube set for their needs and not an off the shelf product. Composite materials allow the ability to fine tune every characteristic and we use them to their full potential.

The tubes are then cut and mitered to the geometry needed by the rider allowing complete control. They are then bonded together in the fixture and each junction receives an overlay of carbon to create maximum strength. This process is also tailored to the rider using just the right amount and type of material needed. All layups are tappered and do not allow any stress risers along the edge of the layup.

The lay up is then covered with our proprietary release film layer and technique to minimize wrinkling and results in an extremly low void content. It is then placed in a large vacuum bag and put under pressure. It then cures in an oven for the next 6 hours.

After curing the bag is removed and a raw frame is left. Our process results in an extremly clean finish straight from curing. This is important because is minimizes sanding and does not require a sacrficial layer of carbon.

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