Orbea Orca Aero M31eLTD PWR Road Bike

MSRP : USD 5,800.00

Price : USD 5,799.00


wine red/47cm


It's hard to beat the sensation of power that comes from a great aero bike. What rider is ambivalent about a machine that is designed to give back free watts? Is there a competitor who doesn't grasp every last advantage in the battle for speed? Orca Aero delivers these prizes – along with the willingness to to go all-out, all day, without hesitation. Long live the bike that balances the emotional and rational desires inside each of us – Long live Orca Aero.


Historically, considering only the three design factors of aerodynamics, stiffness and weight rarely yeilds dramatic improvement. Big gains in one area always compromise one or both of the others. The key to building the best aero road bike is finding the balance of these targets, and identifying additional performance factors that allow the rider to increase efficiency.


Aligning the frame with the airflow, optimizing cross-sections, smoothing transitions and myriad other improvements mean a big reduction in drag. Slipping effortlessly through the air, that instant feedback of a world-class aero bike. There is no better feeling.


The large majority of torsional and lateral loads are handled by the lower spine of the frame. A frame which is stiff in the right places means direct power transmission to the rear wheel.


One of the most important points to consider when determining geometry is that the bike must be easy to ride. Going fast isn’t just a by product of good aerodynamics, it requires precise control over the bike.


Our all new OC Cockpit has been designed for a perfect balance of aerodynamics, stiffness to weight and ergonomics.

cranks: SRAM Rival AXS
chainrings: SRAM Rival
bottom bracket: SRAM BB86
brakes: SRAM Rival AXS HRD
shifters: SRAM Rival AXS HRD
derailleur - front: SRAM Rival AXS
derailleur - rear: SRAM Rival AXS
chain: SRAM Rival
cassette: SRAM Rival
wheels: Fulcrum Racing 400 DB
tires: Vittoria Rubino IV G2.0 TLR 700x25c
handlebar: OC RA10 Road Aero Carbon
bar tape: Orbea Anti-Slippery/Shock Proof
stem: OC RP10 Road Performance ICR
headset: FSA 1-1/2" Integrated Aluminium Cup
seatpost: Orbea Orca Aero OMX
saddle: Prologo Dimension

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