Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Road tubular tire

MSRP : USD 85.00

Price : USD 82.95

tire size*

700 x 28


Inheriting the best qualities of the highly popular Ultra GatorSkin road tire, namely the durable carbon black tread mixture, the effective puncture protection breaker layer and the DuraSkin® anti-cut fabric. The Sprinter GatorSkin itself features the typically comfortable and light feel of a tubular tire.

  • DuraSkin - Continentals patented polyamide layer that provides excellent sidewall protection.
  • SafetySystem - the system of puncture protection

The professional riders use a similar combination in their tires for Paris - Roubaix and other equipment destroying classics in the springtime. If you want to get the miles in, but your streets aren't covered with the finest tarmac and you prefer the inconspicuous function of your tires, then this is your tubular.

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