Deda Elementi Jet One Clip-on Aerobar

MSRP : USD 650.00

Price : USD 649.99


Jet clip-on, winner of 2020 and 2021 Tour de France with Tadej Pogacar, are the new full carbon extensions especially designed and engineered for time trial and long distance triathlon races. The Jet One version is made in UD full carbon construction to get an incredible weight of 660g including all spacers. The design features ergonomic and integrated armrests that allow a full adjustability of length, width, angle and stack height. The fixing plate of the extensions on the bridge is asymmetrical and allows you to adjust the setback of a further +/- 15mm with respect to the axis of the handlebar. Jet One extensions are delivered with all necessary parts to fit Deda Tribar handlebar or any other Ø31.7 handlebar. Available in two sizes, small (340mm) and medium (370mm) with an additional 60mm of cut to length. Jet have been designed with a 15 degree angle to meet UCI rules at the maximum permitted height. The extensions are compatible with internal cable routing and comes with comfortable pads and an integrated mount for Garmin®, Wahoo® and Bryton®. Available in POB (polish on black) finish.

Material: UD carbon construction
Bridge and armrest spacers: Alloy 6082
Length: 340mm (size s) - 370mm (size m)
Length adjustments: Cut to length 280mm (s) - 310mm (m)
Extensions hight: 152 mm to 183 mm
Angle: 15 degrees
Armrest width: 110 mm to 150 mm
Armrest setback: +/- 15mm
Stack height: 77mm max
Diameter handlebar: 31.7mm
Accessories included: Integrated mount for for Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton
SKU: Size S (JET1S) / Size M (JET1M)
Weight: 660 g / size S (including bridge&spacers)

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