Rockmando Grade eBike module

MSRP : USD 5,000.00

Price : USD 4,499.00




RockmanDo Grade is the latest evolution of eBike technology combining Torrey T700 lightweight carbon with the Rockmando TUmotor Unit which is lightweight and powerful, but hides inside that frame to make this bike one of the most elegant looking eBike. With the Rockmando external battery and management system, the CKT Grade comes in at 27lbs/12.25kg for the complete bike with 250w motor assistance up to 28mph/45kph.

TUmotor Unit
TUmotor has an  innovative design with its dual clutch. When the rider chooses zero assists  mode, riding the eBike will feel like a normal bike. With the assist, the TUmotor can supply 5 modes of power with increments of 50w all the way up to 250w.  You can keep riding longer as you become tired as you keep increasing your pedal assist and come home safely and comfortably.

The TUmotor unit is hidden inside the frame and provides better weight distribution, allowing the bike easier and better handling. Plus, the hidden motor is protected from external factors such as weather and accidents, ensuring its long-lasting performance and reliability.

External Battery
Rockmando Battery is a lightweight build design with the shape of a regular water bottle, allows for easy exchange, replacement and removal.   The external battery is a 36v, 6.8ah powerful Lithium Ion with a built in battery management system.  The battery will constantly be protected from overcharging over used and maintain a long battery life integrity.  

CKT Grade Geometry

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