Favaloro Energy eBike

MSRP : USD 7,000.00

Price : USD 6,900.00


The new Energy ... the E-bike for the community, with a modern design. It is proposed for tourism, for work. It's an ideal bike for every day, without sacrificing the comfort of a custom-made bicycle.

E-Bike Energy SUV

100% Hand made in Italy - Custom Size ONLY - lec or Mech group setup - Polini E-P3 e-bike motor and drivetrain group 

**Due to the wide variations(custom sizes, painting coatings, ISP and so on), weight can be assessed after the autoclave molding process only.

An e-bike, also known as an electric bicycle or booster bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion.

twohubs insight"
At 32 lbs/14.5 kg and 45 mph/72 kph max pedal assist, this thing is a beast. With level 2/100w assist(250w motor with 500w peak), this will allow you about 100+ miles/161+ kilometers of battery life. It's the craziest thing we have ever tested. It's insane how much faster this things makes you on your regular bike because when you ride the Favaloro, you will push yourself harder than ever and know that if you blow, the bike will bring you home. Capability to ride easy on your off days but still get in long miles. Because the bike is more efficient at a higher cadence, you become more efficient on your regular bike. One of the best training tools to add to your collection.

Aluminum frame alloy 7003 Dedacciai
Carbon fork
250w (500w peak) Polini EP-3 engine
70Nm peak torque
5 levels of assistance
Ursus Athon wheelset
SRAM group 11s with disc brakes
SMP saddle
Prepared with: Mudguards, luggage rack, lights and rearview mirror
34 lbs/15.4kg

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