twohubs TUmotor eGravel module

MSRP : USD 3,000.00

Price : USD 2,999.00




As a company that is enthusiastic about cycling, we want to be able to ride our bikes as many days as possible. With work, family and many other obligations, trying to ride multiple days in a row can be taxing on the body and eventually your mind. We find that adding an eBike to your arsenal, can help increase your enjoyment and prevent the overexertion of your body. This will allow you to be able to ride your bike year round, whether you are tired or not. Your easy day, has now become your really easy day on the bike. The days where you are not sure if you can make it. You now have no excuse not to ride at all. Never stop pedaling and feel stronger when you are back on your regular bike. Increasing your milage and become a better cyclist overall.

We spent a whole year renovating a 20 year old IF Award winning eBike system to offer one of the best looking eBike year to date. Having the best of both worlds, with the same ride and feel of a regular bicycle, but offering the power of eBike pedal assistance when needed on the later part of the ride. We implemented every features that we love about cycling and removed other hinders that we hated about eBikes to ensure a great all around riding bicycle.

The all new twohubs TUmotor eGravel is our revolutionary build of all the latest greatest components currently in the cycling market. We partner up with RockManDo, a 30 year old company based in Essen, Germany. They're an industrial generator power supply company, but the rise of the cycling division started in 2008. The owner is a true bike enthusiast, who designed the TUmotor over 2 decades ago. Many generations later, this is one of the most simplest, cleanest looking and reliable eBike motor system.

The global patten TUmotor uses a 6,000 RPM brushless motor and combined with a turn-in geared transmission that spins down to 100 RPM to the cranks. The 90 degree turn-in gears feature in the transmission allows you to pedal the crankset like a regular bicycle bottom bracket with no motor drag, but allows the motor to assist your pedaling with smoothness and ease. The transmission is made in the same factory as certain popular US electric car company transmission, to ensure the highest quality and reliability. The transmission also has multiple torque and cadence sensors which the motor to be able to become torque base at low cadence and allow cadence base pedaling with higher cadence.

The RockManDo smarts controller has the capability of customization. Firmware upgradable to modify to your riding style. Map the motor and power to suit your needs.

Our new external bottle battery, was designed with the mindset for traveling and flexibility for battery swap out for extended range. Because the battery is removal. You can now fly with your eBike as you check in your eBike as baggage. Carry on up to two batteries for your flight over international waters. Certified, compact and lightweight, the battery offers the freedom and flexibility that is rare on many eBikes currently.

CKT Grade Geometry

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