Factor Ostro VAM Frameset

MSRP : USD 5,500.00

Price : USD 5,499.00


blue / 45cm



Harnessing aerodynamics, lightness, responsiveness and comfort in one bike is no longer a dream. Thanks to our engineers' expert carbon fibre lay-up techniques, our commitment to premium materials, and the unique control our own factory offers, the new OSTRO VAM performs in all areas. This isn't just innovation; it's a reimagining of performance on two wheels, all designed to deliver an unmatched cycling experience.


Experience the new OSTRO VAM: lighter, faster, unbeatable. Now 250 grams lighter and 7 watts quicker with optimized Black Inc 48|58 wheels, it redefines responsive riding with unparalleled aerodynamic efficiency. Journey through our OSTRO VAM Launchbook as we guide you using the latest computer modelling tools to unlock aero performance gains that had been unthinkable.


Explore our selection of colors designed to complement your ride and reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer classic elegance or a more striking statement, our range offers a palette to suit every taste.

And it's not just about the bike – we offer customizable wheel decal choices too, allowing you to harmonize or contrast your wheels with your frame.


The goal was to create the lightest aero-oriented bike in the pro peloton. The OSTRO VAM is a bike that can be competitive on any terrain. It is ready to win sprints, conquer cobbled classics, and summit the climbs with the best.


Everything we know about blazingly fast bikes was merely the starting point. Using the latest computer modelling tools, the new OSTRO VAM unlocks aero performance gains that had been unthinkable.

Compared to the outgoing model, after 40km, the new OSTRO VAM is a dot in the distance. Compared to its rivals, it’s way out of sight. We focused on refining the front of the bike, where we could influence the airflow the most. Using a Rapid Iterative Design process, we ran simulations on dozens of head tube profiles, considering every transition and surface on the frameset. The result is a true airfoil-type profile along the waterline of the frame. Further wind tunnel testing verified that the new OSTRO VAM outperforms the market.


The new OSTRO VAM is a sub-7kg aero weapon, so your crit bike is also your mountainous grand fondo bike and they’re both awesome. This lightness also means that the pros can use their most aero option more of the time (and for big mountain stages with summit finishes, we make the feathery and fast O2 VAM).

What’s more, the uprated stiffness level is mighty, unflinching in the face of even WorldTour watt bombs. Aerodynamics, lightness and stiffness used to be sworn enemies, impossible to bring together. Now we have more of all three in one bike than ever and it’s thanks to our engineers’ tireless work to iterate the carbon fiber lay-up, our investment in top grade materials, and owning our factory which lets us do things the hard way in pursuit of the perfect ride.


We can measure and test many things, but not the level of confidence that a bike gives you. It’s a feeling. Building it into a bike is where art meets science, and where our design team’s decades of engineering combine with their decades of riding. The perfectly balanced handling geometry of the new OSTRO VAM – combining cat-like agility with unflappable high-speed stability and on-rails cornering – is carried over from its predecessor, which was loved by pros, customers, and reviewers alike. Greater compliance adds to both the feeling of confidence and comfort over long rides.

Factor Bike Ostro VAM Geometry

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