Full Speed Ahead K-Force WE Chain

MSRP : USD 80.00

Price : USD 79.00


K-Force WE’s precise shifting and trimming ensures optimum chain efficiency and life

Our testers have put K-Force WE through punishing loads and every different road and weather conditions. We’ve tried shifting under load and up hills, with no adverse effects. We’ve put the transmission through the pain you should never inflict on your bike, ‘cross-chaining’ from the big ring and big cog, and experienced no jumping and no noise. We’ve pushed the new brakes to the limit and found full control and maximum stopping power at every turn and on every surface.

We’re proud of the results and are glad to bring the game-changing K-Force WE to market.

  • Quiet and efficient performance
  • Superior durability
  • lightweight design hollow pin

  • 5.6mm width

    • Nickel plated finish
    • FSA Logo

    • 246 grams (114 Links)

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