Full Speed Ahead K-Force WE front derailleur

MSRP : USD 350.00

Price : USD 349.00


The K-Force WE’s electronic front derailleur houses the system’s control box as well as activating the cage with faultless accuracy

Front mech
Along with the front mech shifting cage itself, the neat, traditionally positioned front mech box also houses the K-Force WE’s digital control box (its ‘brain’). Here, signals are received via ANT+ from the shifters, and relayed directly to the front mech itself and by wire to the rear mechs.

Front derailleur mechanical movement is precise and near-instantaneous, resulting in direct, predictable, quiet and effective gear shifts every time. An auto-trimming (or micro-shifting) function means that K-Force WE continually corrects itself with microscopic realignments to keep perfectly in line – for optimum chain efficiency, minimal mechanical resistance, reduced chain and teeth wear and no nasty noises or surprises!

A combination of different appropriate materials are used, with carbon fiber a common element across all K-Force WE components to keep weight low, and the overall dimensions of the box are kept small and neat despite the advanced electronics it houses.

Controls and status lights are easy to reach and clear to see on top of the K-Force WE front derailleur

There’s a power button on top of the front derailleur box, so you can power down (or up) the whole system It’s easy to operate for storage and travel, so you don’t accidentally run down power while your bike is in its transport bag or box.

The small LED lights on the front derailleur indicate battery status: blue means fully charged; green indicates high battery charge level; yellow shows that it is lower; then the red light tells you that it will soon be time to recharge. In the unlikely event that you were to run out of charge while out on a ride, the K-Force WE safety system will force the front derailleur into the inner chainring position, so you’ll never be left with a gear you can’t push. (Alternatively, you can link it up through FSA’s app, which will show you exactly how many shifts you have left before your battery runs out.)

It’s a simple process for any rider to index K-Force WE gears: place the chain on the 6th sprocket and hold down the ‘set’ button on the front derailleur box. In set mode the derailleur can ‘micro step’, so the alignment of the rear derailleur and the upper and lower limit for the front derailleur can be adjusted and set.

  • New K-Force WE 11 speed system
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • ANT/ANT+ compatible?
  • Shifter Compatibility: K-Force WE
  • Cassette Compatibility: K-Force WE

  • Up to 16 tooth capacity

  • Gold and black graphic

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