Full Speed Ahead K-Force WE Shifters

MSRP : USD 500.00

Price : USD 493.00


K-Force WE’s shifters are a work of art – and the element of the groupset where the maxim of ergonomic rider-customization is most evident. The unidirectional carbon fiber levers house fully wireless shifters that can be set to each rider’s requirements.

The shifters operate on rocker switches on the outside of each lever blade. Their position, size and subtly textured surface ensures that they are easy to reach and operate both with bare fingers and when riding mitts or thin or full winter gloves.

You can make either single gear shifts with the familiar single tap, or shift multiple gears up or down by holding the appropriate button engaged. A slight delay has been engineered in so that you don’t accidentally shift by two or more gears when you only want one.

The size, shape and texture of the hoods has been subject to maximum research and trialing – and heir comfort has been one of the top three factors identified by FSA’s celebrated development tester, Ivan Basso (who lists two Giro d’Italia overall victories and two Tour de France podiums on his extraordinary palmares – so knows a thing or two about long-ride comfort!).

The levers are available in two lengths – with 6mm difference between them – to suit every hand size and rider type. This is complemented by the fact that both have reach adjustability to three different positions – all you need to do to alter this is turn a screw located under the rubber hoods.

The shifter operation is fully customisable. You can set either left or right shifter to operate either the front or rear mech. And setting whether the top or lower switch shifts the gears up or down is, again, an easy operation for any rider.

The wireless shifters are each powered by a single ‘coin’ battery, positioned inside the hood. They will typically last around two years, depending on how much you ride, and your shifting patterns. CR2032 batteries are flat, light, easy to find, cheap to buy, and a simple job to swap yourself.

The longer levers will be more suited to riders with big hands, and sprinters. The shorter levers will ensure that all riders, including women and juniors, have the optimum fitting. A triathlon/ time trial-specific shifter is currently in development.

  • ANT Wireless technology to communicate with derailleurs
  • Best Ergonomics thanks to 2 sizes levers
  • Adjustable reach
  • UD carbon levers
  • 2 speed front and 11 speed rear
  • Compatibility: FSA K-Force WE
  • Coin Cell Battery 2032

  • 2 sizes for better hand use: small and large

  • UD carbon finish and plastic
  • Gold and black graphic

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