Kogel Badass Bottom Bracket - 386EVO/30mm

MSRP : USD 200.00

Price : USD 199.00



BB386 EVO is a road bike bottom bracket standard introduced back in 2011. The BB standard is based on a frame shell width of 86.5mm and inner diameter is 46mm.

The inspiration behind the design was to oversize. While similar to conventional threaded, BB90/95, and PF86/92 bottom brackets, BB386 EVO incorporates a larger 30mm diameter spindle.

Why do you care? Well, that oversized spindle and shell increases stiffness right where it’s needed most. Ever watched a BB shell twist side-to-side when hammering on a trainer? Yikes!

A mountain bike version 392EVO exists, but sightings are more rare than the Loch Ness Monster.

Bottom brackets are the same between both mountain bike and road versions.

• Road and off-road specific seal options to keep your road, triathlon, TT, cross and mountain bikes running smoothly
• Designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters or fuss factor
• 2-Year, very few questions asked, confidence inspiring warranty

Fits any BB30 crank on a PF30 frame.

This narrow set up is very hard on bearings, we recommend to use the cross bearings on road bikes if you value a set-and-forget over shaving the last few milliwatts.

Fits a BBRight crank on a BBRight frame Rotor and FSA build BBRight specific cranks that are sold on their complete bikes.

Fits a 386EVO, Rotor 30mm, Campagnolo Over Torque crank on a 386EVO frame.

Fits most 30mm crank spindles on a 386EVO frame.

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