Pioneer Bluetooth Power Meter w/ Campagnolo crankset - SBT-PMRTC

MSRP : USD 800.00

Price : USD 749.00

crank length*



Pioneer Dual-Leg Power Meter Crank Sets
As a leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronic products, Pioneer developed proprietary technology incorporated into the power meter that accurately analyzes the pedaling stroke using six independent sensors (three located on each side of the crank). At every 30 degrees of each rotation, the robust design captures a variety of torque data that is continuously transmitted via a special Ant+™ stream and Bluetooth.

The design of the 4 arm carbon fiber cranksets that so well identify the Super Record, Record and Chorus groupsets has also found its way into this fantastic Campagnolo drivetrain, albeit in an aluminum construction. The crankset is made with both left and right crank arms in hollow forged aluminum to keep weight to a minimum while maintaining the same performance characteristics of its carbon fiber counterparts.


  • Wireless transmitter
  • Operating time: up to 120 hours (two CR2032 batteries included)
  • User replaceable batteries
  • IPX6 & IPX7 water resistance certified
  • Resistant to oil and environmental conditions
  • Patch / Arm type magnet included (installation required)
  • Ant+ compatible (total power, independent left and right power)
  • Bluetooth compatible (total power, independent left and right power)
  • Weight: 66g (including L & R sensors)
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%

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