Rotor 1x13 Road/Gravel Group

MSRP : USD 2,800.00

Price : USD 2,799.00


While some folks might look at the number 13 as a bit unlucky, here at the ROTOR America office, we're not too superstitious, which is why we don't hesitate to hop upon our trusty steeds with ROTOR's exclusive 1x13 groupset. This sleek grouppo offers seamless shifting, and a sequential gear range that accommodates all kinds of cyclists in all kinds of situations.

We achieve this with a 1x13 single chainring hydraulic system that keeps weight at a minimum, while prioritizing aerodynamics for a reliable solution that lets you focus on your pedaling rhythm as you hammer up treacherous mountain roads, instead of worrying about exactly where to make that pesky front-derailleur shift.

1x13 is designed with all disciplines in mind, with cassettes crafted to offer ranges that appease road, gravel, and cyclocross riders alike, so you can pick the combination that best suits your needs, whether your goal is to hit the highest speeds on the peloton, or have the biggest bailout cog for steep fire roads when you're chasing wily DH descents. We achieve this flexibility thanks to the near perfect sequencing of gears, and a robust derailleur that can handle any terrain.

Our 1x13 Adventure Kit is built for the free-spirited cyclist who wants to lace things up just the way they want, chasing down horizons from the roughest of gravel grinds, to the peloton. This kit enables you to pick your own hoops, and dial your drivetrain just how you want it, with RVOLVER 1x13 hubs, the 13-speed cassette of your choice, shifters, derailleur, cables, chain, and last, but certainly not least, our sleek ALDHU crankset that keeps weight to a minimum, while holding on to the stiffness you need to conquer the road less traveled.

Lightweight & Robust

With fewer components on board, ROTOR 1x13 slims down to featherweight scaling, while benefitting from maximum rigidity and optimal structural efficiency from modern disc brake systems. It features cutting edge Spanish CNC manufacturing to strike the perfect balance between lightness, precision, and durability.

1x13 scales in at just 1,785g, including shifters, derailleur, brakes, and hydraulic hosing (flat mount calipers, uncut hoses: 1,800mm x 3mm / 1,800mm x 5mm, 160mm rotors, all hardware included, 10-36t 13-speed cassette, and 126-link chain, uncut), enabling you to build your superbike to the UCI standard 6.8kg with ease.

Switching things up from the mechanical groupset you know well, the 1x13 is designed with indexing located in the rear derailleur, as opposed to shifters, which helps deliver its crisp, precise shifting inside of the robust casing. By locating the component weight in the back we're able to better distribute weight, and add more natural balance and stability to your ride. And in case you get a little wild on the road or trail, the 1x13 derailleur is protected by our reinforced Armored Box that protects against all external elements, shocks, and impacts.


- 1x13 rear derailleur
- 1x13 shifter & brake levers
- 1x13 RVOLVER Hubs (front & rear)
- 1x13 cassette of your choice
- ALDHU crankset
- 1x DM chainring (QRing or round)
- Flat-mount calipers (front and rear)
- 160mm brake rotors (front and rear)
- 126-link chain (uncut)
- Cables for brakes & shifter
- Magura flat mount disc brakes

Groupset Weight
1x13 groupset, (flat mount calipers, uncut hoses: 1,800mm x 3mm / 1,800mm x 5mm, 160mm rotors, all hardware included), 10-36t 13-speed cassette, and 126-link chain, uncut) 1,785g

Component Weight
Right hand shifting brake set (Right hand shifting & Brake lever, rear derailleur, rear brake calipers, rotor, hardware) 863g
Left hand brake set (left hand brake lever, front brake calipers, brake rotor & hardware 443g
13-speed Cassette 10-36t / 10-39t 236g / 241g
13-speed Cassette 10-46t / 10-52t 290g / 321g
Q Rings 1x DM Chainring, 48t 131g
RVolver 1x13 Rear Hub (Centerlock LR included) 246g
RVolver 1x13 Front Hub (Centerlock LR included) 124g
Chain (uncut, 126-link) 269g

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