Shimano Dura Ace FC-R9200 crankset

MSRP : USD 650.00

Price : USD 624.99

crank length*

50/34 - 170mm


DURA-ACE FC-R9200 crank, the heart of the bicycle, ensures that no portion of your pedal stroke is wasted. With hollow arms and chainrings, weight is kept to a minimum but stiffness and shifting precision is maximized.

The DURA-ACE FC-R9200 crank performs two vital functions: transferring your pedaling effort into the drivetrain and ensuring the fastest, most precise front shifting available. With HOLLOWTECH II crank arms to ensure light weight and Shimano's class-leading chainring designs, the FC-R9200 won't let you down. The FC-R9200 is offered in even shorter crank arms lengths to offer fit options for any rider.

- Optimal balance of stiffness, strength, weight and rotational performance
- HOLLOWGLIDE structure cuts weight yet maintains strength for better power transfer and quicker, more precise front shifting
- New 54-40T option to realize the most efficient drivetrain

Color Series color
Average weight 714 (54-40T) 692 (52-36T) 685 (50-34T)
Threaded bottom bracket shell width (mm)_70 ?
Chainring combination 54-40T 52-36T 50-34T
Compatible bottom bracket type_Outboard ?
Crank fixing bolt included ?
Crank arm length (mm)_160 ?
Crank arm length (mm)_165 ?
Crank arm length (mm)_167.5 ?
Crank arm length (mm)_170 ?
Crank arm length (mm)_172.5 ?
Crank arm length (mm)_175 ?
Crank arm length (mm)_177.5 ?
Spider/Gear arms 4
HOLLOWTECH crank arm ?
Optional chain guard_Without chain/bash guard ?
Recommended bottom bracket_Press-fit SM-BB92-41B
Recommended bottom bracket_Threaded (normal) BB-R9100
Threaded bottom bracket shell width (mm)_68 ?
Q-factor (mm) 148
Chain line (mm) 44.5
Compatible chain CN-M9100
P.C.D. (mm) 110
Rear speeds 12

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