Shimano Dura Ace FD-R9250 front derailleur

MSRP : USD 500.00

Price : USD 449.99


Despite its smaller, lighter design, the DURA-ACE FD-R9250 brings the fastest front shifting on the market.

The fastest just got faster thanks to the DURA-ACE FD-R9250. Tipping the scales under 100 grams, the new design shifts 45% quicker than Shimano's FD-R9150, already the fastest on the market. The frontal area of the FD-R9250 is also reduced decreasing aerodynamic drag.

- Fastest ever front shifting, 45% faster than FD-R9150
- Smaller, sleeker, lighter
- Frontal area reduced by 33%
- Weight cut to 96 g
- Top gear teeth capacity: 50-55T

Color Series color
Average weight 96
Action_Down Swing ?
Chain line (mm) 44.5
Chain stay angle (deg.) 61 - 66
Compatible chain HG 12-speed
Firmware update by E-TUBE PROJECT ?
Link bushings 4
Mount_Brazed-On ?
Top gear teeth 46-55T
Total capacity 16T
Front speeds 2
Rear speeds 12
SD300 connector (pcs) 0
SD300 port (pcs) 1
SD50 connector (pcs) 0
SD50 port (pcs) 0

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