Shimano Dura Ace Pedals - PD-R9100

MSRP : USD 285.00

Price : USD 280.00


Put the final touch on your Shimano-equipped build with the Dura-Ace PD-R9100 SPD SL Pedals. As expected from anything bearing the Dura-Ace moniker, these pedals boast a race-worthy blend of light weight and stiff power transfer wrapped in a streamlined, injection molded carbon composite body. You can stomp on the pedals in anger with confidence that the wide platform will efficiently transfer watts and prevent uncomfortable hot spots over long, grueling miles. These pedals also stand out from the crowd with adjustable entry and release tension, which means you can crank down the tension for a weekend of bar-bashing criterium sprints or loosen it up for Saturday socials with the family.


Excellent pedaling efficiency Optimized balance of weight and rigidity
Injection molded carbon composite body
Hollow cleat bolt
Efficient power transfer
high stability
Extra-wide platform
Efficient power transfer/Durability
Reduces flex and pedal body wear
Stainless steel body plate
Excellent pedaling efficiency
Smooth rotation
2-ball bearing, 1-wide roller bushing
Reliable durability performance
Stable and uniform load distribution
Wide bearing placement
Rider tune
Customize the entry and release tension settings
Adjustable entry and release tension settings
SHMANO 3-year limited warranty

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