OMATA One GPS Bike Speedometer MPH

MSRP : USD 600.00

Price : USD 550.00


The OMATA One GPS Bike Speedometer showing Imperial (MPH / Miles / Feet) units.

OMATA One is a modern cycling computer built around the One, our patented digital-to-analog modern mechanical movement. The OMATA One translates GPS and other sensor data into precision rotary mechanical movement. As you move, it moves. You can see and feel your effort through the physical motion of dial hands.

We believe the analog presentation of your effort is much more in harmony with riding a bike. You push down on your pedals, feel the physical effort of your legs, heart and lungs — and your wheels turn as the OMATA One's Speed hand rises.

Everyone who takes the time to ride with it agrees: it changes the way they ride. Read the reviews down below from your fellow cyclists who really ride with the OMATA One.

The OMATA One comes in two variations: Metric on Gray, and Imperial on White. Above is Imperial on White.

The OMATA One shows five data sets on four digitally controller rotary dial faces: Speed, Distance, Ascent, Time and Battery Level.

With a forthcoming firmware update we will also be able to capture and record data from your ANT+ sensors, like Power, Heart Rate and Cadence.

Our OMATA Utility App (iOS with Android in public beta) allows you to download your rides, review their summary and easily share your rides to Strava.

Data from your rides are stored as standard FIT files, making the OMATA One fully compatible with an existing ecosystem of online fitness services like Strava and Training Peaks, as well as desktop training software.

Included in your Box along with the OMATA One is a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging (and as an alternative data transfer mechanism) and a K-Edge Pro Mount for 31.8mm Handlebar with installed OMATA Insert.

Made in Finland


Measurement Units: Metric or Imperial

Dimensions: Diameter 62.70mm Thickness 17.2mm (20.5mm including mount interface)
Weight: 79g
Bezel: POM (Acetal Polyoxymethylene)
Housing: Plancast Plus 6063 Aluminum
GPS: 72-channel GPS/ SBAS/ QZSS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou
Storage: 4GB

Movement: OMATA and Seiko Precision Inc.

Other Sensors: ANT+, BLE, 3-axis Accelerometer, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor
Font: OMATA Custom numeral font created to optimize readability while riding
Ingress Protection: TBD
Data Displayed: Speed (0-65 MPH / 0-120 KPH); Total distance (1 revolution = 100mi / 100km); Vertical ascent (1 revolution =10,000ft / 4,000m); Total ride time (Hours)

Speed Accuracy: 0.18 KPH, 0.11MPH

Distance Accuracy: 2.5m, 8ft
Battery Life: 17+ hours
Charging: USB-C
Apps: iOS and Android optimized apps for reviewing rides, uploading ride data, calibration; compatible with STRAVA
Assembled: Oulu, Finland

The OMATA One Utility App
The OMATA One functions perfectly well without the need for a companion app. However, we like data too, we're also occasionally a little bit competitive, so we've built a Utility App. Our App allows you to pull your ride data off your OMATA One and review it, upload the rides to STRAVA and also if needed, re-calibrate the hands.

There's just three simple pages to our App:
1. OVERVIEW which shows the cumulative data and current state of your OMATA (eg battery level etc);
2. RIDES which shows the individual rides and allows you to upload to Strava

You can download the OMATA Utility App from the iOS App Store.

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