Veloflex Carbon tubular tire

MSRP : USD 110.00

Price : USD 99.00

700 x 23


An great combination of durable and fast, Veloflex Carbon is quick enough for race day and tough enough for your everyday ride. Featuring a 320 TPI core spun cotton casing with a Calicot puncture resistant layer under the tread. Latex tube with 32mm presta valve with removable core. 125 PSI max. pressure. Handmade in Italy. 700c x 23mm. 240g per tire. All Black.


  • Use: Road Racing
  • Size: 28" - 23mm (700x23c)
  • Weight*: 255 gr.
  • TPI: 320 Threads Per Inch (120/cm)
  • Pressure: 7/10 bar (100/145 psi)
  • Protection Belt: Calicot puncture resistant layer
  • Casing: Compressed Pes/Co corespun
  • Rubber tread: Natural rubber exclusive compound
  • Inner tube: Latex low rolling resistance
  • Valve: Presta 36 mm with changeable (removable) core
  • Mileage: Front 6.000 km - Rear 3.000 km

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